Thursday, 13 August 2015

Run of the Mill

Since the Tour of Fife I've been on holiday with Jo and the girls in Turkey.  While it was lots of fun (apart from my "Midnight Express" moment at passport control on the way into the country), the running was a real chore.  I had grand plans about getting up early "when it was still cool" or running in the adjacent pine forest "where there would be shade", but these quickly evaporated in the constant inescapable oppressive heat.  I am Scottish, and don't enjoy running in temperatures much above 15 degrees.  Maybe 20 at a push, but only if there is a breeze.

I especially don't enjoy running on treadmills, but there was no viable alternative.  Two 10k runs and four 13k runs, faced with the same view of not very much.  Oh, and for one of them I realised, only after I'd started, that the air con in the gym was off and I might as well have been running outside.  By the end of it I was SOAKING.  Another patron asked if I'd been swimming with my clothes and shoes on.  This was simply surviving, not living.  All mill and no play makes Nick a very bored and crabby boy.

If you try really hard you can just about see the sea

But the perfect antidote was just around the corner - Haddington RC's excellent annual Carfraemill to Gifford run, to which Dunbar and Musselburgh runners are very kindly invited.  Described as a "not race" race, the deal is that you meet at Gifford at 6.30pm on a Wednesday night and are then bussed to Carfraemill (the roundabout on the A68 between Oxton and Lauder) whereupon you run the 11 miles or so over Lammer Law, down past Yester, back into Gifford, before a meal at the Goblin Ha'.  There is no timing (other than on your own watch), and you set off when you like, but bragging rights are available (for those of that persuasion) for setting off last and getting back first.
This mill was considerably more enjoyable.  Improving weather across the course of the day persuaded me to take youngest daughter's candy pink camera, and I'm glad I did.  Apologies for asking you to wade through a million photos, but (1) I promise I have left a significant number out, (2) they tell the story of the run more eloquently than I can, and (3) I am still catching up on sleep having arrived back from Turkey at 3:30am yesterday morning and been forced to traipse wearily into work for 9am. 
Great to catch up with everyone before, during, and afterwards, and huge thanks to Paddy, Neil and Brian for organising.

A good proportion of Team Dunbar

Dr Neil came by chauffeur (Brian) after missing the bus...

David demonstrates what I believe the youngsters call a "slut drop"

Eddie benefitting from a tow (the cheat!)

I wouldn't like to confirm whether Norrie had just said something rude...

Billy taking a short-cut an efficient line

Andrew from Lauderdale led us up the hill (with Julie even further up the road)

A welcome glimpse of the coast...

...and Julie seems to be getting closer too

The triumvirate of Berwick Law, Bass Rock, and Traprain Law


Small classified ad: "Mini for sale - would make excellent restoration project"

Too tired to talk

Andrew, who had been going well until that point, came a cropper near to where Brian was pictured above


Lesley doesn't let Dr Neil get away with a trademark finish unopposed!


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